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  1. 1) Adventure prices are based on groups of 4 or more. For smaller groups of 2 or 3, there is an additional charge unless we can pair you with another booked group, subject to daily availability.
  2. 2) We can provide you with a Private Adventure as well. Please phone us at 1-888-285-0222 for pricing.
  3. 3) All Adventures must be booked at least 24 hours in advance.
  4. 4) To expedite registering for your adventure, we only need your group’s primary contact person information (participant #1), along with your payment information for the group. We will contact you soon to obtain the remaining participants information if you do not have it at this time.
  5. 5) Each participant must complete our Medical Questionnaire and Release form prior to participating in your Adventure. Please click the link below to access these forms.

NOTICE: All Participants in any Adventure with Vegas Tactical Adventures must read and sign the Release and Waiver form, and complete the Medical Questionnaire prior to participating in your adventure. Safety is First! If you have more than (4) participants in your group, we will contact you soon after receiving your online order to obtain the remaining participants information. Please phone us at 888-285-0222 with any questions. Upon review of your submitted registration form(s) and at it’s sole discretion, Vegas Tactical Adventures and/or CRI Training Inc. reserves the right to refuse service / business, cancel a booked reservation, or modify a reservation. If a registration request is refused, cancelled or modified by Vegas Tactical Adventures and/or CRI Training, Inc., the primary group participant/contact person will be notified within 24 Hrs.

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Whether you choose from the Secret Agent Adventure, the Force on Force Shooting Adventure, or "The Ultimate" Live Fire Shooting Adventure, you will come away with a very real emotional, physical, and mental connection to what the world's "best of the best" men and women who train using the certified programs presented by CRI on a worldwide basis.